Cervical Mucus — What is it Good For?

Cervical mucus is the discharge that we see during the menstrual cycle that is produced by the cervix and exits our bodies through the vaginal canal.

It is completely NORMAL! It can be:

  • transparent
  • white
  • offwhite/cream-coloured
  • translucent
  • gummy
  • egg-whitey
  • tacky
  • liquidy

The cervix has tons of glands that produce this mucus which contains proteins, electrolytes, sugars, fatty acids, and enzymes. We produce more mucus towards the middle of our cycles when estrogen rises.

You might notice a thinner consistency at first which then becomes more egg-whitey. This is fertile mucus that helps sperm movement and life.

After ovulation when progesterone goes up, you may noticed more thick and tacky mucus to act as a barrier. This usually denotes that the fertility window is over. It’s a great way to know when to have or avoid intercourse for pregnancy or pregnancy avoidance purposes!

A diagram of the uterus + fallopian tubes + ovaries + cervix in pink with a white-skinned and blonde-haired mother daughter duo looking at it

Cervical mucus usually has a distinct and mild odour to it, especially when you have more of it. This is normal. Our genitalia aren’t supposed to smell like flowers and roses! It may even discolour your underwear slightly which is because of the pH. This is also common.

It’s important to know that discharge should not be green or yellow or cottage-cheese like. It should also not have a bad smell. This can indicate an infection and should be discussed with your doctor.