Thai Cold Fresh Rolls

Vegan Thai Cold Fresh Rolls

These aren’t particularly hard to make, but they do take up a bit of time. The first time is the hardest and it should be way easier after that 🙂 These are best served with spicy Thai peanut sauce.

    • Rice paper (round sheets available in the “International” section of the grocery store)
    • ¼ – ½ cup rice vermicelli noodles (cooked and strained)
    • 2 carrots (shredded or julienned)
    • ½ cucumber (julienned)
    • ½ red or orange pepper (julienned)
    • Handful of cilantro (minced)
    • 1 tbsp rice vinegar
    • 1 tsp soy sauce or tamari
    • 1 cup room temperature water + extra hot water
    • Optional: organic non-GMO edamame beans or sautéed shitake mushrooms

In a small bowl, pour and mix together 1 cup of water, rice vinegar, and soy sauce/tamari. Place all your prepared veggies into this mixture to soak.

In a shallow dish that will fit the rice paper, pour 0.5” of hot water (not boiling hot, but as hot as you can get without burning your fingers!).

Now, you’ll need a cutting board or counter space to put all the pieces together.

Grab one sheet of rice paper and place it in the hot water for 30 seconds so that it is fully hydrated and soft (see picture below). I usually assemble these rolls one at a time due to limited counter space, but you can line up a few rice paper rolls to be more efficient if you’d like.


Lay the moistened rice paper roll on your cutting board or counter and lay down a pinch-full of noodles, a handful of soy-vinegar veggies, and your edamame or mushrooms. I like to place all of this off-centre to the left in order to make the rolling process easily. Once you have everything laid out on your rice paper to your liking, fold the top and bottom of the rice paper sheet inward similar to how you would wrap the bottom of a burrito. Then, starting from the left side, fold the rice paper over the innards and toward the right side until you’re done! Let the roll sit for a minute before cutting – this allows for the rice paper to stick to itself better allowing for a firmer and more put-together roll.

Repeat until you run out of ingredients!