Iron-boosting Tea

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I see a lot of patients (and people in my life) who are low in iron and they’re put on mega doses of iron that are hard on the gut and on the body in general. A lot of times, these high doses of iron don’t really cause a shift in the body’s iron levels or stores.
I personally find that gentler ways of boosting iron make a bigger impact on blood parameters and fatigue symptoms. These include eating iron-rich foods like pumpkin seeds, dark leafy greens, red meat and/or liver, black sesame seeds, organic blackstrap molasses, and beets. Also, I may do a low to medium dose of iron, some iron tissue salts, and the following tea:
1 tsp or tea bag organic nettle leaves1 cup hot water¼ tsp organic blackstrap molassesSplash of fresh lemon juiceOptional: 1 tsp or tea bag organic dandelion leaves – add in another cup of water if you go with this option
Add your leaves/tea bag(s) to a kettle or mug and cover with hot water. Let the leaves steep for at least an hour (I prefer overnight or for 6-8 hours). The infusion should now be nice and green. Add in the blackstrap molasses and lemon and enjoy! You can have it cool if you’d like or add in some hot water to warm it up a little bit. You could also dilute it with a lot of water and sip on this all day long.