Should I sync my workouts to my menstrual cycle?

There’s a lot of information out in the world these days.

You can sync your exercise regimen to the different parts of the menstrual cycle if you’d like. If it makes you happy, if it’s doable for you, and/or if it facilitates a deeper connection to your cycle, then that’s great.

However, I find that many menstruators are overthinking their exercise when the basics aren’t there to begin with.

It’s more important to incorporate movement and exercise that you’ll do regularly before you add nuance to that regimen.

Yes, there are hormonal changes over the span of the cycle that can impact how you feel and how your body feels and performs; however, what these hormones do on the micro level is less important than the foundations. The things that will impact energy and performance (and even your hormones and how your body perceives hormonal changes) more are: 

  • fuel
  • sleep
  • actually exercising
  • stress management
  • connection
  • rest and recovery

Your performance and recovery naturally might be a bit better in the first half(ish) of your cycle and you might be able to do more on less. It doesn’t mean you should, but you might be able to. However, that might also lead you to being a bit more depleted in the second half of the cycle.

So, work on the foundations throughout your cycle and your body (and hormones) will thank you!

Legs from the calves down climbing up concrete stairs in grey and orange shoes
people in a gym in a squatting position
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