Periods are a fact of life; hormonal issues don't have to be!

Do you remember when you got your first period?

I remember mine: I was 13 years old and I thought something was really, really wrong with me.

You see, I knew absolutely zilch about periods when I ran to my mum with tears streaming down my face because I had some horrible disease that made me bleed from the inside. I grew up in Karachi, Pakistan, and learning about periods wasn’t part of the curriculum (or the culture).

My period woes continued as I got older: irregular cycles. My family doctor prescribed me what’s offered to most of us for period problems: the pill. Those little pills led to a downward spiral into feeling (more) tired, having migraines for the first time in my life, getting acne, and just feeling downright crummy.

And then came the research studies and textbooks (I was studying biochemistry at McMaster  University at the time), coming off the pill, a slow journey to getting a polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) diagnosis, regulating my cycles, becoming a naturopathic doctor, and helping others make informed decisions for their health — a journey, I’m happy to share, I’m still on to this day.


Dr. Anne, Newmarket Naturopath, sitting cross-legged on the floor reading a book on periods.

Now, I get to help others with PCOS, painful periods, endometriosis, infertility, PMS, PMDD, perimenopause, and hormone health in general.

I can’t imagine doing the work I do today, or have the capacity to dream big, feeling the way I did when I was younger.

I don’t want period problems to stop you from living your life. I believe that when you take care of your health, you can show up for yourself, your dreams and goals, and the people who matter most.

You deserve to feel well. You deserve healthcare that is uniquely tailored to you, your lived experience, your values, and your goals. 

If you’re ready to take the next steps, I’d be honoured to support you.


Cheering you on,



Education & Interests


Licensed Naturopathic Doctor

  • in good standing with the College of Naturopaths of Ontario, with a prescribing license for hormones and injections
  • part of the Ontario and Canadian Associations of Naturopathic Doctors (OAND and CAND, respectively)
  • hormone detective and fertility strategist
  • Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine
  • BSc (Biochemistry), McMaster University

Author: The Period Literacy Handbook” (2023)

Founder: The Period Literacy School
Retired Birth Doula
Past ND supervisor: Naturopaths Without Borders


I’m a nature lover —  there’s nothing that inspires awe and helps me have perspective like the great outdoors!

I love chocolate, biryani, and these Pakistani chips called Slims.

I was born in Hamilton, ON but then moved to Karachi, Pakistan and did my full elementary schooling there!

I play alto sax (her name is Bella!), and have been part of (the board of directors of) the Aurora Community Band for many years.

I’m an animal lover

I have been vegan for over 15 year and a previous board of director for The Toronto Vegetarian Association (now VegTO).

I’m afraid of heights, but will challenge myself frequently!

Philosophy & Guiding Principles

Everyone deserves access to respectful and compassionate healthcare. I wish I could say that this is the case (in  Ontario), but the harsh reality is that not everyone has equitable access to (patient-centred) care.

You know your body best. You deserve to be listened to and supported.

When we support our health and well-being, only then can we fully show up for ourselves, our dreams and goals, and the people who matter most.

A medical appointment is no for patients to receive judgment and dismissal.


Our culture of perpetual productivity is running us into the ground and we must learn to lean into our body’s natural cyclical rhythms. You can do it all, but it probably comes at some sort of cost (think time, money, effort, energy, focus, burnout, etc.). Living in harmony with hormones means pacing yourself, as ebbing and flowing are both a part of life.

Moments of peace, joy, awe, connection, and pleasure in life are critical to feeling well.

Health is a moving target. (And, life changes!) Reassessments of your health and health strategy on a regular basis are key steps for good health.


Everything in the body is connected — nothing works in isolation. So, the food you eat, the thoughts you think, the people you spend
time with, the information you consume, your financial situation, the way you move, and the products you use on our body ALL play a role in
your health. As such, your healthcare should address all of that, taking you, your history, and your lifestyle into account.

The birth control pill is only one (of many!) treatment options available to you for your period health. A fully natural approach and a combination approach can also be good options. Naturopathic care can be a great complement to conventional medical care. Your plan should be unique to you.